Orange Room is a fast-growing and formidable organization headquartered in Singapore, specializing in organising professional sporting events. Our strong network of partners and sponsors, best-in-class event management systems and crews, and endorsements from top athletes enable us to develop and execute dynamic event concepts, delivering world-class events in Asia.

A private limited event management company formed in 2002 by athletes with more than 20 years of experience in the competitive sporting event field, Orange Room has successfully organized numerous events ranging from private functions, corporate affairs, to nation-wide events.

Orange Room is the regional rights holder to global concept events such as Blacklight Run, Foam Glow Run, and Bubble Run. Our homegrown TRI-Factor Series has become one of the most successful sporting series in Asia, expanding into Thailand, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines.


Orange Room has organized a wide spectrum of events ranging from community events like the yearly Water Fiesta since 2002 with the Tanjong Pagar GRC to national events such as the TRI-Factor Series and the NILA Swim & Aquathlon that was part of the 28th S.E.A. Games Community project. Corporate events like the Caribbean Festival with Keppel Corporation or Pool Carnival with Hewlett-Packard Singapore were also part of the key array of projects in the Orange Room Calendar of Events.

In 2009, Orange Room developed and launched one of the most successful sporting series known as the TRI-Factor Series: Asia’s only 4-leg series comprising of TRI-Factor Swim, TRI-Factor Bike, TRI-Factor Run and TRI-Factor Triathlon. Global IT leader Hewlett Packard, and local telecommunication company SingTel were the first 2 presenting sponsors. Leading food and beverage company in Asia Pacific, Pokka Corporation was the 2013 presenting sponsor, and we welcomed COMPRESSPORT, one of the leading compression wear brand from Switzerland to the 2015 Series. In 2016, TRI-Factor expanded overseas with its first event held in Thailand.

Orange Room conducts annual national events such as the Singapore International Triathlon, Singapore Aquathlon & Duathlon, and was the organizer for one of the most challenging and biggest youth triathlons in South East Asia: the MILO Youth triathlon in Singapore in 2010 – 2011 & 2013.

Orange Room is the regional licensee for such concept events as the Blacklight Run, Las Vegas Bubble Run, and Foam Glow Run.


Orange Room strives to formulate an innovative customized “one stop” solution for all your event needs that meets your target objectives.


It is the vision of Orange Room to develop an event value strategy to bridging customer’s needs and objectives. The name “ORANGE” originated from the founders’ desire to build an event management process to run flawless events. The key milestones and processes have been the winning formula contributing to the success of Orange Room.

The “ORANGE” formula is as illustrated below:

  • O: Organize your scope and objectives
  • R: Realize the details and any potential impediment
  • A: Analyze the overall schedule, resources and scope
  • N: Negotiate for the most cost effective arrangement
  • G: Galvanize the implementation plan with style
  • E: Execute swiftly to meet your target goals


Orange Room has developed a formidable structure with strategy, logistics, human resource, financial and legal departments to attain the following core competencies. The management team is constantly striving to develop further capabilities to meet customer’s requirements.

  • Strategic Event Planning
  • Event Organizational Structure
  • Race Route Development
  • Regulatory Support and Licensing
  • Venue Management
  • Event Operations and Logistics
  • Portal Development and Online registration
  • Event Marketing and Design
  • Sponsorship Portfolio Management
  • Client Relations
  • Post Event Management Services


Orange Room has developed numerous strategic partnerships with multinational companies like P&G, SingTel, Hewlett Packard, Pokka Corporation that helped to strengthen the sporting scene in Singapore. Orange Room also worked very closely with major brands like Oakley, Pokka, Rudy Project, L’Oreal, Seven Seas, Cannondale, Zoot, NIKE, Timex, Kswiss, Crocs, Demarlogica to raise and improve on their brand profile within the local sporting arena.

Our supporting government partners in Singapore include the Sports Singapore (Formerly known as Singapore Sports Council), Ministry of Community Youth and Sports, Triathlon Association of Singapore, National Parks Singapore and more.